The “Ultra Finish” process is designed to produce round wire with the tightest dimensional tolerances and the best surface finish possible by drawing through custom made diamond dies. Ultra Finish wires receive special processing in order to obtain the required surface finish, roundness, and size tolerance. Ultra Finish product meets the following dimensional requirements:

Standard UF Size Range

0.0003″ to 0.004″



The dies used for this process are selected for their finish, polish, size, dimensions, and roundness.

Ultra Finish Wire sizes are available in most alloys and metals, however high strength (“harder”) metals and alloys normally give smoother surfaces and higher tensile strengths.

When the softer materials, such as aluminum and its alloys, are used, the surface quality will not be as good as those found on the “hard” metals. Special care must be taken during the drawing process when drawing aluminum and its alloys in order to maintain the Ultra Finish.