At California Fine Wire, we specialize in the production of high-quality fine wire for the medical industry. For over 60 years, we have been a leader in the field, and we are proud to provide new solutions for our clients as their needs evolve.

Medical equipment requires extremely fine and accurate internal wiring to operate. As medical technology has changed, California Fine Wire has innovated to best serve the industry. Our quality management system is ISO:9001 certified, maintaining an aggressive and thorough quality control policy for all of our products.

What Wire Types Work Best for Medical Applications?

Round, flat, core, braiding, and staple wires are commonly used in medical technology. Each option works for different equipment, and California Fine Wire can help select the proper wire type for your project.

Whatever wire is required, it needs to be reliable, flexible, and able to operate when facing rough environmental factors. Many wires use a precious metal and are coated in a protective polymer. Common precious metals and metal alloys used for medical wire include platinum, platinum/iridium, platinum/tungsten, and stainless steel alloys. Wires are produced to customer’s specifications for diameter and shape. At California Fine Wire, we can produce fine wire in a wide range of diameters from fine to ultra-fine, as small as 0.0004″ diameter.

The Benefits of Using Fine Wire in Medical Devices

Medical wire is designed to operate while facing intense environmental factors. The benefits of using fine wire in medical devices include:

  • Withstanding Sterilization: Medical devices must be able to operate following sterilization. Fine wire is designed to withstand sterilization methods including wet/steam, dry heat, chemicals, and gamma-ray irradiation.
  • Flexibility: Fine wire is extremely bendable and versatile, which allows it to be used in a variety of applications that are required for medical component usage.
  • Endurance: Medical wire can endure long periods of heavy usage. The polymer coating used on the wire is meant to withstand usage and sterilization processes.

Medical Applications of Fine Wire

California Fine Wire has provided medical wire products to research and university laboratories, as well as major medical technology manufacturers. These clients receive the best fine wire product possible for their medical products, which include a variety of probes, markers, implants, and other cutting edge medical devices.

There are many applications that require fine wire for reliable use in the medical industry. One very critical use is in a ventilator. These devices contain sensors which rely on fine wire to operate. Ventilators are vital to help COVID-19 and other patients who cannot breathe properly on their own. As demand for these devices has increased, California Fine Wire is proud to help supply wire for this equipment. Other medical applications we have supplied fine wire for include:

  • Neural Prosthesis: Implanted neural probes process electrical transmissions from an external device. Used in cases of major injuries including spinal cord trauma and strokes.
  • Muscle Stimulation: Following long periods of muscle immobility due to patient injury or disease, an implanted probe can help restore the muscle’s strength and use.
  • Pain Control & Medication Control: Biofeedback implants can assist with the treatment of chronic pain.
  • Cardiac: Use of probes in pacemakers and heart stimulators allows for heartbeat regulation.
  • Catheters: Procedures that involve the heart, brain, and urinary tract, and that are minimally invasive use wires. These wires can help guide, provide structural support, and provide signal transmission, along with being used as heaters.

Leaders in Medical Wire

California Fine Wire provides superior fine wire solutions, materials, and quality, especially in the field of medical equipment. Our dedicated staff has the expertise and technological capabilities needed to properly satisfy your company’s fine wire requests.

We produce wire to customer’s specifications, and we certify all orders with a certificate of conformance. We supply both prototype and production volumes so we can fulfill your requirements no matter what stage your product is at.

If your company requires fine wire material, request a quote. For more information about our fine wire capabilities, contact us today.

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