Starting with a single wire drawing machine in June 1961, California Fine Wire Co. has grown into a multi-million dollar operation supplying specialty wire and ribbons worldwide. CFW manufactures and processes fine and ultra-fine wire in round and flat shapes. Services include enameling, PTFE and ceramic coating, plating, stranding, cutting, and straightening. Alloys processed include precious metals, stainless steels, copper, resistance alloys, refractory alloys, and many others.

Maintaining the highest quality is of the utmost importance for the demanding and critical applications in which our products are employed. It is for this reason that California Fine Wire obtained and maintains ISO Certification. California Fine Wire has an aggressive quality assurance program and a highly trained and dedicated staff to implement quality initiatives to ensure that only the highest quality wire products are shipped to our customers.

California Fine Wire’s highly skilled employees manufacture wire to detailed customer, industry, and internal specifications. Experience is a critical success factor for the manufacture of ultra fine wire, and California Fine Wire employees typically have decades of experience. High quality raw material is another critical component to be able to manufacture fine sizes. Thus only approved vendors that meet or exceed industry and California Fine Wire specifications are used.

Here is a list of some of the types of wire CFW produces:

  • Precious Metals, Semiconductor Bonding Wire and Ribbon
  • Copper, Copper Alloys, Composite Metals (clad)
  • Nickel, Nickel Alloys, Resistance Wire, Potentiometer Alloys
  • Aluminum & Alloys, Low Thermal Expansion (Glass Sealing Alloys)
  • Thermocouple Wires, RTD Wire, High Temperature (ceramic insulated)
  • Stainless Steel, Music Wire, Fuse Wire, Fine Wire, and Ribbon
  • Refractory Metals and Alloys

California Fine Wire has provided wire going to the moon and beyond and has customers on every continent and in almost every industry and area of research.

Our founder, Michael A. Greenelsh, once said “It is especially rewarding to supply wire for medical research; and for neurological, cardiovascular, and many other medical applications. Ultra fine wire is our area of expertise. However, our real specialty is fulfilling our customers’ specific needs.”

If you have a wire requirement, no matter how small or how unusual, let us try. This has been our company’s philosophy for over 60 years.