How To Choose Fine and Ultra-Fine Electronic Wires

Electronic wires, also called electrical wires or cables, are conductive materials used to transmit electrical signals or power between different components. They are typically made of copper or aluminum due to their exceptional conductivity properties. They also come in various sizes and types, each designed for specific applications, including power transmission, data transfer, or signal […]

How To Choose Fine and Ultra-Fine Medical Wires

Click to Expand Medical wires are slender metallic or non-metallic components that transmit electrical signals, fluids, or structural parts in healthcare devices. They are often made from stainless steel, chosen for its biocompatibility and mechanical properties. Fine and ultra-fine wires are particularly vital in catheterization, electrophysiology studies, and vascular interventions. Here are critical factors to […]

Fine and Ultra Fine Wire Gauge Chart

Click to Expand Wire gauges are a system for measuring wire diameter, where the gauge number is inversely proportional to the wire’s thickness. Thus, the higher the gauge numbers,the thinner the cables. Thick gauges are widely utilized in heavy-duty applications, such as electrical wiring. On the other hand, narrow gauges are appropriate for delicate purposes such […]

Why Choose California Fine Wire Co. for Your Aerospace, Electronics & Medical Applications

Click to Expand Fine wires are critical in aerospace, electronics, and medical applications due to their unique properties and versatile capabilities. In the aerospace and medical sectors, they are utilized in lightweight and miniaturized components. They enable efficient power transmission, communication, and instrumentation in constrained environments. Meanwhile, they facilitate intricate circuits in electronics, allowing compact […]

How To Choose Fine and Ultra-Fine Aerospace Wire

Aerospace technology demands precision, reliability, and exceptional performance. From aircraft avionics to communication systems, the wiring used in these applications must meet rigorous standards to ensure safety and functionality. Fine and ultra-fine aerospace wire plays a critical role in these systems, and choosing the right wire is paramount. In this article, we’ll delve into the […]

Can PTFE Coated Wire Make Your Product a Winner

A few good ideas just keep on get-ting better, leading to one application after another, continuously generating major improvements to our products and the quality of our lives.

Engineers Join SWAT

When a manufacturer of color printers for desktop applications searched for a supplier of print head heaters, Chromalox needed to de-sign, manufacture, and ship 10 pro-totype heaters within five days, but did not have the necessary full-hard wire on hand.

Fine Wire Provides Quality Edge to Sensors

“Fine wire products are used in highly sophisticated devices, where the physics of the wire’s primary function is the focus of the design engineer,” explained Greenelsh. “But if the device, and hence the wire, will be subjected to an external stresses such as vibration or extreme temperatures, that usually indicates the need for a metal or coating that will enable the wire to withstand the stresses.”

Interventional Technologies Relies on Precision

Interventional Technologies (San Diego, Calif.) makes devices such as the TEC (Transluminal Extraction Catheter) System, essentially a “mini Roto-Rooter” attached to a vacuum that excises and extracts plaque simultaneously.