Can PTFE Coated Wire Make Your Product a Winner

A few good ideas just keep on get-ting better, leading to one application after another, continuously generating major improvements to our products and the quality of our lives.

Engineers Join SWAT

When a manufacturer of color printers for desktop applications searched for a supplier of print head heaters, Chromalox needed to de-sign, manufacture, and ship 10 pro-totype heaters within five days, but did not have the necessary full-hard wire on hand.

Fine Wire Provides Quality Edge to Sensors

“Fine wire products are used in highly sophisticated devices, where the physics of the wire’s primary function is the focus of the design engineer,” explained Greenelsh. “But if the device, and hence the wire, will be subjected to an external stresses such as vibration or extreme temperatures, that usually indicates the need for a metal or coating that will enable the wire to withstand the stresses.”

Interventional Technologies Relies on Precision

Interventional Technologies (San Diego, Calif.) makes devices such as the TEC (Transluminal Extraction Catheter) System, essentially a “mini Roto-Rooter” attached to a vacuum that excises and extracts plaque simultaneously.

Rx for PTFE Coating Fine Wires

make the devices acceptable to the human body. California Fine Wire of Grovers Beach, Calif., has developed a new process to coat continuous lengths of wire as fine as 0.005 and finer with polytetrafluoroethylene, better known as Du Pont’s Tetlon. N.B.L. of Denison, Texas,uses medical wire coated in this manner for its electroarrays, used in brain research.

Some of the Finer Points of Shaped Fine Wire

Specially shaped fine wire has been around for many vears. Applications range from everyday consumer products, such as
toasters, to clegant medical equipment and high-tech electronics.

Test Your Knowledge of Shaped Fine Wire

Specially shaped fine wire has been for many years.Applications range from everyday consumer products, such as toasters, to elegant medical equipment and high tech electronics. Naturally, the question arises: do you know as much about shaped fine wire as you thought you did?

Ultra Fine Wire – Stretching The Limits of Science

Micro thin wires composed of various alloys have virtually limitless applications, as their conductivity, strength and thickness can all be custom tailored for use in any conceivable environment.