Humans have been using copper since the predynastic Egyptians and Sumerians. During the Roman Empire copper was principally mined on Cyprus, hence the origin of the name of the metal as Cyprium (metal of Cyprus), later shortened to Cuprum.

As technology has progressed copper has remained a highly useful element. Although the Copper Development Association reports that 0.7 trillion pounds of copper have been mined throughout history, there are still over five trillion pounds remaining in the earth. According to the May 26, 2007 edition of New Scientist, the earth has an estimated 61 years supply of copper left. Fortunately however, copper has an infinite recyclable life and has one of the highest recycling rates of any other engineering metal. The fact that premium grade scrap has about 95 percent of the value of newly mined metal ensures that this rate remains high. The wire industry uses primarily newly refined copper for its products.

Second only to silver in its electrical conductivity, this reddish, lustrous metal is highly ductile and malleable. Surpassing both gold and aluminum in its electrical conductivity, copper is now being used for bonding wire. When alloyed with nickel and/or manganese, it finds use in resistance wire applications.

Copper and its alloys have excellent ductility and are supplied by California Fine Wire in ribbon and round forms. Round diameters can be drawn as small as 0.0005 and ribbons rolled as small as 0.00025” x 0.010”. Call us to discover our capabilities on your specific wire needs.

Copper wire can be readily plated with such materials as gold, nickel, silver, tin, or solder. We process a wide range of copper wire. From high silicon bronze to brass; from copper with cadmium to copper with zirconium, California Fine Wire has a wire to suit your needs. Whether your application requires the strength and corrosion resistance of berrilyium modified copper or the purity of 99.999% copper, let California Fine Wire supply your next fine wire order.