Gold wire has excellent electrical properties and low reactivity, making it ideal for applications that require stability, precision, and durability in harsh environments. Gold wire has a long history of use in the medical, aerospace, and electrical industries and can be purchased in the form of round or gold ribbon. Either form of gold wire can be made pure or mixed with beryllium which is used to prevent overheating in semiconductor applications.

Medical Applications Of Gold Wire

Gold wire is suitable for the following medical equipment and procedures:

  • Electrosurgery
  • Guide wire
  • Stents
  • Life-support devices
  • Medical markers for X-rays
  • CV therapies
  • In vitro diagnostic devices

Gold wire provides radiopacity, or the ability to block X-rays, making it a popular material for medical markers in X-ray imaging and procedures that require high visibility such as stent and catheter placement.

Aerospace Applications Of Gold Wire

In the aerospace industry, sensors play a key part in temperature regulation and monitoring systems. Beyond temperature regulation, gold wire is also used in aerospace applications such as:

  • Wire-wound potentiometers
  • Aerospace instrumentation (avionics)
  • Radio communication equipment

As a reliable conductor and connector, gold wire enables these critical pieces of equipment to function well in the harsh, high-pressure environments.

Electrical Applications Of Gold Wire

Gold wire is popular in electrical applications and can be found in a wide range of electronic devices such as:

  • Imaging devices
  • Televisions
  • Smartphones
  • Computers
  • LEDs
  • Orthodontic appliances

Gold’s conductivity enables a smooth, uninterrupted flow of electricity when incorporated into connectors or relay contacts. Within computers, gold wire is used inside the motherboard to attach cables and mount microprocessors allowing for rapid and reliable transmission through multiple components. Gold wire is also used for wire bonding, a process which connects an integrated circuit to its packaging, as it can withstand high pressure, heat, and ultrasonic energy.

Leaders In Gold Wire

Since 1961, California Fine Wire has provided high-quality specialty wire and ribbons to customers across the globe. Our gold wire is 99.99% pure, with small amounts of beryllium for additional strength. Our product offerings include gold ribbon wire, precision round wire, and standard wire. We understand that our wires are used for critical applications in highly demanding environments, and we are dedicated to maintaining an aggressive quality assurance program to ensure that we provide products our customers can trust.

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