California Fine Wire Co. can supply fine resistance wire to meet your exacting needs.

A few of the applications that utilize our wire are: cochlear implants, neuroprobes and stimulators in the medical arena, sensors, controllers and instrumentation used in airplane and outer space applications, airflow and speed sensors in the automotive industry, bathythermograph equipment and other measurement instrumentation used in oceanic research, heating elements, thermocouples, and stress-strain instruments for industrial applications. California Fine Wire products can be used in virtually any application. If you can develop the idea, we can supply the resistance wire.

California Fine Wire draws the more frequently used resistance materials, such as nickel-chromium alloys, nickel and nickel alloys, copper, platinum, and platinum alloys. We can also draw almost any other type of material that your application may require. When drawing for resistance, our standard tolerance is +/- 3%, however tighter tolerances can be achieved upon request to meet your precision requirements.

CFW offers Kanban programs tailored to your demand. Upon receipt of order, we will develop a Kanban program based on your demand within a specified time range to stock and deliver at specified intervals. Inventory control is easily monitored utilizing XA MRP system software.

Please contact California Fine Wire for your fine and ultra-fine wire needs.